The Group

THE KATABE GROUP consists of good people, knowledgeable staff with great ideas and good opportunities Under the KATABE GROUP name there are companies who have their own identity made by company mission statements and know how.

The values in all KATABE companies is respecting people and the environment.

All companies are the brain child of the Beghetto Family. The origins of the Beghetto family go back to the early 1700’s when they settled in Bassano del Grappa, Veneto and setup shop doing wholesale trade.

Ms. Katia, daughter of Mrs. Andrelina & Mr. Sergio Beghetto through the KATABE GROUP continues the family tradition.

The experience of having consulted many years in worldwide markets on the production side and wholesale end gives KATABE a strategic advantage over it’s competitors and a security for their customers.

KATABE companies constantly strive to provide better products, better customer service and real human to human relationships worldwide.

KATABE GROUP is always looking forward to the future. Finding new and innovative ways to build and create spaces where people can work and express themselves.

The KATABE companies main business is today 90% in leather and leather products.

Through our companies, KATABE can be found in: Italy, India, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Vietnam, U.A.E., Australia and United States